Skull Key Fob Belt Chain


Are you always misplacing your key fob? Theres nothing worse than frantically hunting around the house when you’re in a rush to get to work or go on a ride with friends.

All these thoughts cross your mind….

How much is a new one of these gonna cost?

How am I gonna ride my bike?

Is my bike safe now, what if someones picked it up?

Now you can avoid the inconvenience of losing your key-fob with this Skull Key Fob Belt Chain.  With this belt chain you'll always know where your KeyFob is and on top of that, you'll look totally Bad-Ass! 

Do you like Skull Jewelry? This keychain is the perfect addition for people who like skull rings. Maybe rings are not your thing, with this keychain you can rock the skull look too!

Product Features:

✅High strength Top Grade Italian Saddle Leather
✅Locktight® double button fastener
✅High strength Stainless Steel loop 
✅Awesome Skull Design

This piece has been engineered to be super strong, the Locktight® double buckle will never come undone.  Once the key is inside the skull, it is impossible for it to come out so your KeyFob will be safe.

Show everyone that you’re a Proud HD Motorcycle Rider and have the key on show at all times.

Don't leave your key fob lying around, with over 50,000 motorcycles getting stolen last year alone, you don't want to make it even easier for thieves.

This product comes in 2 different sizes depending on what size hole your key-fob has, be sure to check the diagram in the picture below to work out what size hole your key-fob has.



Limited Supply Available


NB.This product is in no way connected or affiliated with HD Motorcycles, it is simply a product designed to hold the HD Key Fob