SAS TEC TRIPLE FLEX Protector Pad Shirt Set

  • Set includes [2 x Elbow / 2 x Shoulder / 1 x Back Pad]
  • Super Slim and Discreet - only 6mm thick
  • Extremely flexible (even at low temperatures)
  • Residual force of 18 kN - amazing performance considering how thin they are
  • Made in Germany.

We've teamed up with SAS-TEC to bring you the best armour inserts in the world. The pads are the thinnest, most flexible pads available on the market today offering you the most discreet protection money can buy.

This armour is made in Germany and offers the highest level of flexibility while surpassing the required values of EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1. No other armour comes close to matching SAS-TEC's lightweight, flexibility and performance. 

Important: Always wear the 'pattern' side against the body

Fits only new shirts where the pads are offered as an upgrade, will not fit shirts bought with standard pads